23 September 2012

Re: Chat and Vision scam ?

Re: Chat and Vision scam ?

Okay. From the top. I have purchased a Plantronics headset.  It came with a promotion that said 60 minutes of SKYPE credit. I have used it once and it is now useless. Actually less than useless because although I can hear everyone perfectly...they only get static from me.

I have spent 2 days searching for the return policy and procedure on your website. Here are the problems and I can't understand, why, if you are a legitimate enough business that SKYPE would parner with you, that you do not have an international free customer service number. Providing one that is only available to special SKYPE users is ridiculous. That does not "solve the problem," or "provide a solution" to the thousands of other SKYPE users. It is rendered even more ridiculous by the fact that you are partnered and certified by an internet phone service provider. Do you see the irony of this entire situation. I know that I do.

Having said that, presuming you are legitimate and not selling products that have fallen off a truck on the highway somewhere, riddle me this:
Why, at each turn, must I re log in for every new page I go to?
Why must that log in take me to the SKYPE home page each and every time? and not to the page I am seeking?
Why is the chat & Vision return policy hidden?
Why does the return policy contain the requirement of filling in form that doesn't seem to exist, The RMA Form?
Oh and here is something why did your offer for 60 minutes of free SKYE credit amount $1.80 USD? In what country is $1.80 USD actually 60 minutes of talk time? Is there a country where that is the case?
Why are you unwilling to make your return policy easier to find and more user friendly?

All these questions lead me to one conclusion, that Chat&Vision has no intention of providing customer service. That all of these responders on the posting are really just one person, whose task it is to answer stuff, and make people think there are solutions. So, I will do what you ask, except for fill out the RMA Form, because quite frankly, I can't fill in form that I cannot find. But I will also tell Plantronics, a highly reputable manufacturer that there is a company engaging in consumer fraud using their products. Maybe I'll find out that they didn't actually sell you anything to sell retail, that in fact my headset and hundreds of others actually did off a truck somewhere. and/or came off a highjacked truck. At least then I'll feel better about being scammed because I don't expect to ever see my $30.11 again. The $30.11 I earned at t job that requires a head set.

2 Degrees and Counting

13 September 2011

Things He Said....things I Heard and What It All Meant. Happy Birthday Dad.

This is me...a long time ago.

 This is my Dad...a longer time ago.

Things he used to say to me.

1. You break I fix. That's all you kids know. You break - I fix
2. Pick that up. The maid doesn't arrive until 2056.
3. Don't eat out of the carton, somebody else might want some.
4. Oh really, you don't want that? Well more for me then.
5. Look I've got one foot in the grave as it is - so don't push me.
6. How can you walk right by that, I'm three times your age and wear bifocals, even I can see the trash on the driveway.
7. If his car is leaking oil, don't park on the driveway. Is he coming to the door or are just going to run out to the car?
8. I know your mother uses that language but it's vulgar and disgusting so I don't want to hear it in my house.
9. I'm not going to be around forever....(fill in the blank)
10. You want all of the freedom and none of the responsibility. Let me tell you something, with freedom comes responsibility.
11. Don't leave dishes in the sink, you're mother will yell at me.
12. You know what I want for my birthday? I want peace and quiet, can I get that  - and some Chinese food?
13. Hey, that's a good piece of cardboard - don't throw that out.
14. Hey that's a good piece of tinfoil - don't throw that out.
15. I can use that again, why would you throw that out?
16.Everything is better with a couple of scoops of Schlagsahne.
17. My cup runneth over and I have to unbelt my jumpsuit.
18. I don't want to be a member of a club that would ever want me as a member.
19. Ring.....Ring....Ring....Ring....Ring...Ring.....Hello? Yeah, your mother's not home. Click.
20. Don't touch my stuff. The stereo, the T.V., the garage and my car. There's not need for you to be up there, in there, doing that, opening the cabinet. Ask me and I'll get it for you.
21. If you take something out, put it back where you found it.
22. Don't break my house. When you get your own house, break anything you want, but this is my house and I want it unbroken.


Clearly , he was waiting for 2056  to clean his study. And this is only his desk. Just making a point.

Here is what I heard.

1. Never break anything unless you intend on fixing it.
2. the maid is coming, so just wait it out. Either that, or I'm the maid and I just didn't get the notice.
3. Don't eat out of the carton so Dad can.
4. That's fine if we are eating liver and onions or tongue, but works against me when there's cake.
5. How does my not cleaning the cat litter kill you? huh?
6. You don't have to pick up trash if you're 3x older than someone and wear bifocals. Can't wait!  
7. The driveway is not, as previously thought, for cars and boys should park somewhere else if they are coming to the door, or don't come. I don't know it was so confusing.
8. Hmmm, cuss in your own house? I don't know.
9. Where are you going? is it better then here? Is there cake? With Schlag? If I do this thing you are asking (pass algebra, learn my times tables stop getting speeding tickets) do you still have to go?
10. So confused...
11. But their your dishes!
12. Um, but you have a wife and three children, two of whom live at home because they aren't old enough to work.
13. Yes, it is a good piece of cardboard and I will draw all over it with your permanent markers that I found in your desk - on the new carpet. What else would you use it for?
14. Yes, it is and I will use it to annoy you by destroying it, because it's shiny.
15. Huh?
16. No argument there. So I will stick my hand in the bowl and eat it until I get sick, because if a little is good, then a lot is much better. Until you puke.
17. I got nothing. Jumpsuit is ugly and I'm embarrassed to be seen with you wearing it, because you look stupid. Why can't you be like other people's dads?
18. Don't join anything!
19. You know, there's an answering machine and you could let the machine pick up if you didn't want to talk...wait, what? I was calling to talk to you.
20. If you want something learn to walk like a professional tracker in the forest, avoid the squeaky steps, ease open the cabinet with the stuff, ease the cabinet closed....all for a tube of toothpaste.
21. I don't know where I found it, you made me ask you for it and you went and got it. Huh?
22. I didn't break the house, I fell and hit my head on the towel rack and the rack broke. But really my head hurts a lot too. I think I'm bleeding.

Nothing a good cigar won't cure.

What It All Meant - Really.
1. Treat the things you own with care, treat the things others own with as much care. Hopefully you won't have to pay somebody to fix them.
2. Just clean up after yourself and when it looks like some asshole has decided to leave his trash for someone else, it's okay - pick that up too. One less water bottle in the ocean.
3. Eat out of the carton - just don't get caught.
4. Still applies to liver and onions or my husband's culinary classic of pork chops. Since I'm 41 I could have all the cake I want only now, I have to worry about high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease and GERD's.
5. Don't dwell on the inevitably of death - we all have one foot in the grave - from that first breath, but fight for the foot that still on the grassy part. And I can't really push somebody into their grave unless I'm like...a contract killer or death, which are kind of the same thing. But still, not cleaning the cat litter isn't going to do it.
6. See #1. Unless you are a parent and then tell your children your older and 1/2 blind and even you can see the trash they should have seen and picked up. Maybe they will refer to #1 some day too.
7. Get the oil leak fixed and go to the door and meet the parents, even if they're crazy and she's a little whacked herself.
8. She does, it is and I can't stop myself unless I am around other people's children. See Dad, it's okay.
9. No you weren't around forever, but I wish I didn't have to think about you dying all the time when I was kid. I think this is a Jewish parent thing... I don't know. Comment from the peanut gallery?
10. I understand now - it took some time, a lot of mistakes, a few successes and many more failures, but I understand.
11. Clearly my husband needs children so that I won't yell at him for leaving dishes in the sink. Unless the maid is coming early - I don't know.
12. Every birthday until the last, you got empty boxes and take-out Chinese. And a funny card that made you laugh and you kept in your desk in your study. (see above)
13. Our garage looks like a Hoarders episode. Thanks.
14. Our garages looks like a Hoarders episodes. Thanks
15. Our garage...
16. I'll take some of that Schlag...
17. I wear a lot of skirts and dresses... and even though things aren't as I would like, my cup runneth over.
18. I joined some stuff...but they aren't clubs.
19. Sometimes Dad, the call was for you and it was me with questions about stuff. Glad I learned to talk faster than you could hang up.
20.  Michael has your stereo equipment, I have your model planes, car, firearms and artwork, Andrea has your awesome books - Ogden Nash, James Thurber, Chaim Potok, so we have them but we're not breaking them and if we need to fix them we can hire someone.
21. Luckily I married somebody as particular as you when it comes to that so if I want to have the conversation I just take out a flashlight and then don't return it. It's pretty awesome.
22. The house is gone, sold to some family who has no ides who the initials in the backyard concrete belong to. I think they broke through most of the walls and upstairs in order to redecorate but again, don't worry because they hired somebody to fix it.

I get my oil changed pretty regularly, I check my tire pressure before a long trip, I don't speed, I don't tailgate, I don't do my makeup while I'm driving. I still don't really know algebra and my geometry is good enough to buy an area rug. I married somebody who can do metric conversions in his head. So I still don't know enough about aeronautics, thermodynamics, hydromechanics and the periodic table to not want to call  you when the actor leaves California and while in an aerial dogfight, magically ends up crashing in the Arizona desert after 5 minutes of flying....really? I still clean the cat litter - but only because my husband has no sense of smell and wouldn't know if it needed it. My desk is a little messy - but I share. I still have to eat the entire chocolate bar - but only semi-sweet. Happy Birthday Dad, we miss you but I know you got exactly what you wanted for your birthday - peace and quiet I can't say about the Chinese food... 

31 August 2011

Every Frickin' Time...

Every time I make a roasted chicken sandwich with those little french pickles and dijon mustard I think of my summers in France. Every time I do that I start looking at apartments on Craigslist in France. Every time I do that I have to remind myself that I don't have any money to get an apartment because I don't have a job. Every time I do that I think if only I could get a job I could go to France and get an apartment. Every time I do that, I think well I don't have a job maybe I should just move to France. See the problem? By the way, the other reason I can't go to France: I'm married and he doesn't want to move. Don't misunderstand, I love my husband -  I just hate that I'm not the boss of him.

Just a hint, moving to France is not the problem.

2 Degrees refers to my 1. Bachelors in History and my minor in Political Science and 2. Juris Doctorate (I look back fondly to my summers in France) and companion Certificate in Global Business Law. The ...And Counting part, my currently in-progress Certificate in Fundraising and Development. This blog is not a bitch fest, though I will take them time to constructively critique things that I believe are not working or are wasted resources, nor do I expect somebody to jump up and say - "I'll hire you, we have an opening for a Global Spa Reviewer- and you don't even have to wear a bikini." Though I'm just putting it out there that I am extremely qualified to be a Global Spa Reviewer. Me!, sans bikini (how about a nice sundress?)

My last day of full time regular employment was September 27, 2007. Yes that is 07, not a typo. I'm sorry did I hear you gasp?   I know, me too - every time I think about that date I think "I should have taken the offer in Orange County so what if they don't help you relocate, how hard could it have been?" So what that my dad had Stage 4 cancer and I would have had to quit. Every time I think about it and I think I should have been subscribing to Reuters or talking to my brother with his Bloomberg account.  I would have known about the shit storm heading for jobs in America. But I didn't On October 1, 2007 I thought it's okay, there will be a job right around the corner, I just didn't know it would be a Vegas sized block. I have always had a job since my first job at Penguins Frozen Yogurt in Westwood circa 1985 (babysitting counts right? make that 1983).

Right now I have resumes submitted for jobs in the following cities: San Diego, Orange County (see what I'm saying?), Northern California (too many to list), Tempe, Tampa, Richmond, D.C., Raleigh, Durham, Charlottesville, Atlanta (most dog friendly city in the country) oh yeah, and France. I know, I know...but at least I'll be able to afford an apartment.

I have been to job fairs too numerous to count. My law school career counselor re-formats my resume
once a year, my Father-In-Law (well respected Life and Personal Coach) has taken on my case (free of charge of course; ah sometimes nepotism is good), I write daily affirmations, I update my Linked In profile at least once a week, I draft attention grabbing cover letters (wasted on Human Resource Managers that use key word searches to vet applicants). You know what else? I belong to three job clubs. My favorite is the Jewish Employment Network - they serve cookies. My next favorite, The Boardroom in La Jolla, they serve breakfast, it's in La Jolla and it makes me get up early enough to do my hair and makeup. None of them have garnered me even so much a job lead, let alone an actual job, but I get cookies, bagels and shmear so what the hell.

I am registered with USAJobs, Southern Metro Job Center, CalJobs, The City, the county, Listservs in the legal field, the recruiting field, the international education field, the graduate school community, I check NALP every day, I went to NALP ($750.00 worth of bagels and shmear in Palm Springs), I have my own QR Code (takes you right to my Linked In page because I don't want to miss out on something just because somebody can't remember to spell my name or look at my card), oh, I have business cards, I have profiles with every major company in Southern California that I could possibly work for, I even have the Career Services staff of most law school isn the country sending me posts about jobs. I'm likeable that way.

Here is what I don't do. If you have to be an electrical engineer, a computer engineer, a systems engineer - basicly if you have to be an engineer or use any type of math beyond algebra, I can't do it so I don't apply. I even tried to apply for an Adminstrative Assistant position with FaceBook - in the time it took for me to click the enter button on my profile and blink my eyes once they responded that I was not qualified for the position. Wow! Talk about being prompt. I wonder if all their A.A.'s or E.A.'s went to Harvard. Probably not, they probably "slum it" and hire out of Stanford. Just a thought, I don't know. I went to Cal State Northridge and Thomas Jefferson and of course spent a semester in France at the Sophia Antiopoles Ecoles Des Droits. Sounds amazing right? It was. Don't fool yourself, studying abroad, the best thing to do with FAFSA.

Back to Facebook. It's either that - instantaneous rejection - or you never hear anything. I don't know, I may still be in the running for the filled positions at Qualcomm that I applied to in November 2007 - I wouldn't know because nobody every got back to me. Every time I think about all the jobs I have applied to and been under qualified for, or over trained to do, that I didn't get, I think maybe I'm not aiming high enough. So I start applying to jobs that with some time I could be perfectly qualified to do - I would just need some training. But I get the silent treatment from them as well. So I think, I get suckered every time, I should know better. I forgot to mention, my husband owns a small Landscaping business and by small I mean, him. We have no health insurance. So I keep applying to Starbucks, you know the largest health insurance provider in the country, I can't get interviewed there either. Or Peet's by the way - so I'm not singling them out.  But every time I apply to them I think, I just need health insurance, please hire me. I was the best Barrista The Living Room ever had. I know a latte from a cap. I never, ever served somebody a cup full of steamed milk and espresso (s not x, espresso, not expresso), and called it a cappuccino. Ever! I learned it in France back in 1989, my first time there and I think, I could go back there.

But every time I think that, I think, but I can't afford to go I don't have a job....